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Coming soon...the history of Radnor Green and Claymont!

This photo was taken during the contruction of Radnor Green in the 1950's. You are looking at the entrance off of Harvey road looking towards Philadelphia Pike. Note the absence of homes on the right.

Photo submitted by Bob Gamble.

This aerial photograph was take during the contruction of Interstate 95 in 1968.

Photo submitted by Bob Gamble.

Here we are looking at a beautiful home on Honeywell Drive in 1962/63.

Photo submitted by MarkBrodoway.

In this photo we see the pedestrian bridge, better know as the "cat walk". This bridge located off of Woodgree Ct. It connects our neighborhood to the eastern side of I95. This view is facing towards Radnor Green.

Photo taken c. 1979.

Photo submitted by Bob Gamble.

A couple of ads promoting homes for sale in Radnor Green.

Submitted by Bob Gamble.

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